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The women of the Ukraine are shy by nature, and thus you need to approach them first, but once you get to know one you will quickly see how thoughtful and caring the women of the Ukraine truly are.

In conclusion, I would advice you to be careful of course and do not show women there that you have a lot of money. I would recommend to read a (negative) romantic trip review by one of my readers: There are women in Ukraine who want only to use and cheat Western men.

E.g., A Foreign Affair has the experience and the know-how.

They are an US dating company and offer over 75 tours per year (to Russia, Ukraine and Asia).

However, you have to remember that this process is not cheap and does not guarantee success.

In my opinion, the biggest advantage of these romance tours is that you have the chance to meet many ladies in a very short period of time versus going to a matchmaking agency in Ukraine and having to spend the time of setting personal one-on-one meetings with them.

Before I used this agency, I have been corresponding with several women on sites like Anastasiadate and charmingdate.

Even after reading the negative and positive experiences of clients on such sites, we still do not know for sure if the sites are scams or not or a combination of both.

It is certainly confusing out there with all these Russian sites that we all men are involved with and trying to determine which ones are legitimate and which are strictly money driven.

The truth is crime is found everywhere, and the incidents within the Ukraine are at the same level as countries such as the United States, Germany, Canada and many other Western countries that are considered to be safe places to travel, visit and live.

The Ukraine has a beautiful landscape, well paved roads and a look and feel that is pleasing to everyone.

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I am thinking of making a trip to Kiev in the near future and trying to decide which approach to take.

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