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We just feel sorry for her dog Yumi that never gets a good sleep!

Rainie: "There was a scene where I had to slap Da Dong.

Last year Rainie was in the drama [Miss No Good] and her character Jiang Xiao Hua was very lively; this year she has another new drama [Together] airing.

This character is very different to Rainie's previous roles. She is too introverted and doesn't know how to express her emotions unlike me; when she is angry or sad, she will cry to fix the problem but I definitely wouldn't do that; also, I am more lively, she is just sad.

At the time, I was very nervous because we had never rehearsed using left hand and my left hand had always been very stupid.

I love to spend time on the sofa at home then play with my dog.

If my dog is asleep, I will wake it up, play with it for a while then let it sleep, then wake it up to play again.

From the side, I saw just his back plus sounds of crying and I already cried.

Later, the director yelled 'Cut' but Da Dong couldn't stop crying. After yelling 'Cut' he still couldn't stop, I was completely shocked.

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Rainie says that this is the most different and most quiet character. The only similarity I have with my character is probably that we both like to stay at home!

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