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Rumors have stated that she doesnt like men because of the fact that she was raped and molested by her father when she was younger,and that the thought of a penis makes her physically ill. She is one of few female metal musicians that are openly homosexual. Which means she is spiritually involved with nature and believes that nature is her god,not person. Performed in "Otep Live Confrontation Concert Documentary" in 2009. So I would stay out of trouble because I was always trying to create things, and then I discovered a little later that I could write stories because people would ask me what my drawings were about.I would take time to tell them and then I thought well why don’t I, now that I know how to write, why don’t I write the story and draw the pictures. They were a six piece and there were two singers and they were both drunk, insulting everybody in front of them, especially the women, they were being belligerent and I thought well if this is what it takes to do music I could probably do that.So it was just a really exciting time because you didn’t have to worry about fitting into a fad or genre you just followed your muse in what your inspirations were. So it became more difficult to find new audiences because people were expecting to hear what the majority of other bands were following at the time.

She would put a piece of paper and a pencil in my hand and to say draw me a pretty picture.People enjoyed it and they were surprised by it and they were hyped up by it.If you were this really aggressive band and then suddenly you dropped into a Latin beat and you had a break a there, people were like, “Whoa! ” Rage Against the Machine is a prime example of that, I would make an argument that Tom Morello invented dubstep, if you go back and look at some of his live performances, what he did with guitar.At the reigns of one of nu metal’s most mythic bands Otep is outspoken frontwoman Otep Shamaya.After being invited to play the legendary stage Ozzfest in 2000 their star skyrocketed within the aggressive music genre.

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