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But the offers suddenly dried up and Taylor Lautner now isn’t the Jacob Black we knew. Even before Taylor Lautner could learn how to drive, his movies were making millions in worldwide box offices.

He once said he wanted to be recognized for his acting, and not his looks or body.

Well, it seems like the wait may almost be over because, about a year after her emotional breakdown, the singer seems to be in a good place, and is apparently ready to start dating again soon.

According to , Selena is "open to start putting herself out there again," when it comes to dating.

Even the final two Twilight movies couldn’t salvage what was left of his stardom.

Many began to think that his acting abilities weren’t that great and six packs don’t make a star.

One possibility is the mystery guy who Selena was spotted with in Disneyland in May.

He then signed on for the action movies, Northern Lights and Universal’s Stretch Armstrong around the time he landed Lionsgate’s Abduction.

It seemed premature for studios to sign him right after New Moon was released, but they saw his potential as a rising teen actor.

The big offers dried up and Lautner didn’t get prominent roles on the big screen anymore.

Adam Sandler managed to help get Taylor Lautner’s career slightly back on track.

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Studios didn’t mind because the martial artist had the potential to be the next big action star.

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