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On the way home, Kosi finds out that Obinze didn’t eat much at the party.Obinze thinks about Marie, the “housegirl” (41) who will cook something for him at home.Aisha asks Ifemelu how long she has been in the United States, which Ifemelu first tries to ignore by thinking again of her cousin Dike but finally answers, lying, that she has been there for fifteen years.Aisha, like Ifemelu’s aunt, seems shocked that Ifemelu would choose to return home, but Ifemelu lies to her like she has to her parents, saying that she is going back to get married.Ifemelu narrates that she should actually think of these posts as being on her “ex-blog” (5) since she recently wrote a final post announcing that she is making a life change and will no longer be keeping the blog.Ruminating again on the way places in America just minutes from each other by train can be so different in their racial makeup, Ifemelu thinks back to her first time in New York when she witnessed mostly skinny, white people get off the subway at stops in Manhattan and mostly fat, black people get off as the subway went further into Brooklyn.Kosi went through her bags when she first arrived and yelled at her for bringing condoms, causing Marie to reveal that her last employer often raped her.Obinze noticed that Kosi did not sympathize with this, as once married she had become insecure and jealous of any single woman he came in contact with.

While Aisha talks about Nigerian films, even asking if Ifemelu knows one of the actors, Ifemelu thinks about the responses she has gotten to her announcement that she is moving back.As his cousin Nneoma instructed him, “Lagos is about hustling” (28).Almost startlingly quickly, Obinze was making big deals and courting Kosi, a woman who was not very smart but very beautiful and respectful.She pauses on the term “fat” (6) as another thing she had to learn about upon coming to the United States.She also gives more background about the life change she is making, feeling drawn to leave Princeton and even her relationship with a man named Blaine to return to Nigeria.

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