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As Nicole admits, her strong concern of protecting Sophie gave strengths to get control over her emotional state.

Today the whole family resides in Los Angeles, California.

Because if I’m not ready to receive that person, I won’t meet her, or I will meet the wrong person that’s attracted by all the crazy stuff that I’ve got going on. I had to figure out the patterns that I sort of developed in my relationships. The problem is that often sometimes, women project all these things on these men, and it’s not their fault. Because a lot of women, they fall in love with the potential rather than the person. He’s like, you fall for the potential and not the reality.

And I had to come to terms with the responsibility I had in the relationships that failed and I have to sort of arrive at a point where I was confident and comfortable with who I was and where I was going.

You know, when I was single, I had to ready myself to be able to attract the person that was supposed to be with me, right?

So you have to do a lot of work when you’re single in order to meet that person. How do I meet It’s really all about the work that you do on yourself. You gotta be in love with the person that’s standing in front of you right now. The person standing in front of you right now, not the potential, not what he could become. When the person is standing in front of you right this minute, and if you’re good with that, if you’re comfortable with that, if you love that person, then it’s gonna be successful. And then the third is married with children, which is a whole different ball of wax.

Good-looking play-maker Patrick Kodjoe is best known as the co-founder of the famous custom tailored and handcrafted clothing company called World of Alfa.

Nevertheless, he is also widely recognized as the younger brother of Austrian born American actor Boris Kodjoe, 43, who is best known for his role in 2012 hot romantic comedy movie Brown Sugar.

Patrick Kodjoe (brother from the same parents) The brothers are very close. Zaradić (nee Ofuatey-Kodjoe) (sister) We do not know for sure whether Lara is the sister from same parents, as it is said that she was born in Croatia.Sophie is not the only child in the Kodjoes family.Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe (son with Nicole Ari Parker) Date of Birth: October 31, 2006 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Nicole remembers her suffered from postpartum depression after Nicolas was born.The Foundation supports children with spina bifida.SVF activity also focuses on prevention of neural tube birth defects, integration of medical care and wellness programs in multicultural communities and other.

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Future TV star saw his career as a professional tennis player, but a nasty back injury ruined his plans. It was a challenge for him, as he had to attend voice and acting classes in order to get rid of his accent. Such widely known clothing lines as GAP and Ralph Lauren invited him to be their model.

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