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And that Jones, which Newman was steadily trying to draw out, was the Alex Jones show that we were all there to see.Wilhite’s argument before the trial caught the attention of the world. British author and journalist Jon Ronson hopped a late-night flight on Tuesday to be in Judge Naranjo’s courtroom in Austin by Wednesday morning.Friends listened to Info Wars and found themselves doubting the official September 11 story. ”) Jones was a face in Austin, even as he moved off of cable access and on to syndicated radio.Austin film director Richard Linklater was charmed enough by Jones’s persona that he put him in brief roles in a couple of his movies, 2001’s .If Jones, as his lawyer contended, is “playing a character” and “a performance artist,” could it be that all of his influence is built on a foundation of lies?On the first day of testimony, the man in front of the jury, red-faced and seething, unable to sit still until ordered to by a judge, looked an awful lot like what you might expect from the one from Info Wars.If it’s all a performance, then Jones seems to be a method actor.Jones has been on the air in Austin since the mid-1990s, when he began broadcasting as part of the city’s vibrant public access community.

This tension seemed aimed at Houston family law attorney Bobby Newman, one of the two attorneys hired by Jones’s ex-wife.Jones wore attire typical to his show—a blazer, buttoned even when sitting down, and a white shirt with no tie—to court.On that first day of testimony, Jones seemed ready to explode.Throughout the protracted opening statement, as Newman jabbed his finger in Jones’s direction, the host looked livid. But this was court, and it wasn’t Jones’s turn to speak.As Newman described Jones’s ex-wife’s relationship to her children, Jones’s face turned an ever-deepening shade of crimson; his lips pursed into a tight frown and he shook his head.

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