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Built in the borough of Mitte in the heart of Berlin, the Gate represents more than 200 years of prosperity, turmoil, and peace.

Throughout the course of this long history, it's only natural that public opinion about the Gate would change.

Suffering catastrophic damage and undergoing numerous reconstructions, the Gate slowly began to embody perseverance in the face of adversity, as it survived wars and brutal ruination time and again.

Once the infamous Iron Curtain went up in 1961, the Gate (located as it was in East Berlin) became inaccessible for the Western world.

For all intents and purposes, the Gate was inseparable from the Wall itself—it was impassable, and it stood in the restricted area between East and West.

Among historians, there exists much speculation as to precisely when there was a shift in the symbolism of Brandenburg Gate.

The overall structure of the Gate really is something to admire.

Built between 17 at the Prussian Kaiser Wilhelm's discretion,[1] the Gate served as a reminder of the Seven Years' War.[2] The architect who was responsible for the giant arch, Carl Gotthard Langhan, modeled his creation after the Propyläen from the Acropolis of Athens.[3] His general idea was to celebrate victory just as the Greeks had elevated their victories—by creating a piece of architecture that would seem to rise above the earthly world.[4] In function, it was merely intended as an entryway into the city, celebrating peace and the Enlightenment.After a sudden rise to power, Adolf Hitler rose to power as the head of the Nazi Party and became Chancellor.That very same day, Hitler led a procession through Berlin, specifically, through the gates of Brandenburg to the presidential palace.[8] Hitler's troops paraded through to celebrate his rise to power, the dawn of a new era, introducing the most horrendous period of German history.[9] Everywhere, people could hear the steady, pulsating sound of boots, drums, and military parade music.The Gate endured disfigurement many times throughout its lifetime, specifically after World War II.The damage to the monument throughout the years created yet another symbol for the Gate.

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