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While my expectations were razor thin at best, as to not hype myself up too much, I wasn’t prepared to not like a single guy I met at the event. Was I trapped in a giant Taylor Swift song, or perhaps a 24-year episode of ?

Everyone seemed to be at a completely different place in life.

He motioned to my best friend, “So you sister told me that you’re a journalist.

I really see the resemblance in you two.” I hold back a chuckle and take the compliment like a free sample at Costco: not enough to satisfy me, but just the right amount to keep me going.

The 25-year old -floppy-hair-Leonardo Di Caprio-doppelgänger I’d hoped to meet here was nowhere to be found.

“I’m losing my voice,” she squeaks out, “I’ve never talked about myself so much in my life.” “I’m just winging it at this point,” I confess. I’m telling everyone that now.” The bells goes off again. Did I overestimate the novelty of meeting someone in person before getting to know them?, Katherine Heigl in, like, 90 percent of her movies.I want something worth rushing through an airport for, something you want to scream from the rooftops. The first person I speak to is an IT manager from Brooklyn with sweaty hands and a kind smile. Just as I was beginning to hear about the perils of managing a company’s computer network, the bell rings and we have to part ways."People are craving, real connections and experiences. You can’t read charisma online.” Her advice for anyone looking to get the most of their experience is simple, but poignant, “Treat it like you’re meeting new people, not new potential mates.Be open and friendly and curious and not focus on the end goal of it all.” And so I painted on my best, “I’m having fun!

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