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Dan and Jennifer are the Founders and Senior Editors of the very popular site - Ask Dan and Jennifer.It really is a great place to go for the best dating, love and sex advice around. Adventures in Swinging by Today’s Top Erotica Writers before, you have noticed that I’m fond of posting Dan and Jennifer’s advice videos here at the blog.You still keep your marriage/relationship as your highest priority.You learn that no matter how attracted you are to someone, if your spouse says no, you walk away.But my husband and I can’t stop wondering how do you prevent feelings from happening? Our worry is developing some kind of affection that could confuse us.

I don’t have sex with my vanilla friends either nor do I chat with them about lifestyle stuff and I’m not trying to make them swingers either. That being said, it feels good and exciting a lot of the time, and it makes sex much better (or it emerged from our intense chemistry during sex). If you want to avoid it, the best way is to have one night stands or see people less often, and frankly to sleep with people you don’t have super strong chemistry with. It blows my mind (respectfully) that you are playing separately with another husband. It’s not so much that we are developing feelings towards couples in a sense that we want to leave each other for them or anything that drastic, but we definitely are feeling the sting of rejection when we don’t hear from certain ones we enjoy.

We offer an uncluttered straight forward platform to meet new people.

Whether you are straight, bi, or bi-curious you are welcome and will find a non-judgmental environment in which to search and communicate.

By that I mean we try and distance ourselves from couples and let them make plans with us, or we will occasionally shoot them a message if we have a free weekend.

We know people who even won’t play with the same couple twice or at least limits it to one meeting per month.

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