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Thrilled, excited, happy - and scared to death - Sonny must now face the pressures of living up to her dreams to prove to herself, and the world, that she is up to the challenge.Sonny wants to raise money for books and libraries, while Chad wants to raise money to convince kids not to read books, so they can watch more Mackenzie Falls.

As she first has a crush on him and later on becomes his girlfriend, Sonny's fellow co-stars do not accept what she has been doing.

Tawni is selling her own skinny jeans line and she is willing to help Sonny raise money if they all wear her pants.

It eventually becomes clear that these pants have a nastly little side effect. gets to play in a movie with Gassie, named: "Gassie and we".

The chances of them reuniting are 50/50, due to Lovato's departure, and the show being canceled, but, it does not look likely that they will reconcile.

Sonny with a chance of dating hd Sketches Sonny were unable to interrogate them sketches Sonny said yes after getting charmed by Eric Dean Seaton Prod.

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