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Owning a dog teaches you how to care for another being, which in turn helps develop your character.In fact, choosing to own a dog can also uncover an underlying personality preference to spend one’s alone time with a social, curious and giving creature.This costs money, but it’s not that expensive and a well-done book will more than make back the expense.Pick out the books that have designs that you love.This is the key to having high-quality traffic driven by search engines for years even after you stop writing your blog.But infect your readers with whatever disease you have.In a not-so-strange coincidence, this ability to love unconditionally will make its way into your relationship as well.Anyone who owns a dog has experienced knocked over trashcans, torn up shoes, and a myriad of other doggy-induced messes.

This doesn’t apply just to books but blog posts or even tweets (don’t forget Twitter used to be called a “microblogging service”).

Date nights may be cancelled because their pup is sick.

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He only posts if the posts are evergreen and deliver high value.

But when I do respond to comments I get such pleasure out of the community that I can see coming out of it.

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