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After signing to Nitro, The Vandals picked up steam when the release of Live Fast, Diarrhea struck a chord with the new school Lagwagon-NOFX-Green Day crowd.Their fans got younger and more appreciative as the ticket and record sales went higher and higher.

Early in their career, The Vandals played small clubs, appeared in a few Penelope Spheeris films, sold a few records and had a few radio hits.And the people they point and laugh at me and they tell me it's huge 'cause honestly - I've got a disproportioned head.Don't try and be nice and say, "It's really not that big" 'cause I am well aware that you are lying - about my head. And I'm walking around like a Dodger doll 'cause I've got a disproportioned head. So I'm stuck with this skull that the world can see, I've got a disproportioned head. And my Mom has a 3-foot caesarean scar, 'cause of my disproportioned head And I'd go ahead and end it now If I could find a noose that would fit around my huge, disproportioned head.43210-1 Appreciate My Honesty I'm Becoming You Disproportioned Head Soccer Mom We'll All Get Laid Little Weirdo I Can't Wait Where's Your Dignity?Les Vandals est un groupe de punk rock originaire de Long Beach en Californie.

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