Valentines day dating few weeks

Last Saturday I went out to a club for my friends bday and told her she should meet me there.She found me at the club and we did a little dancing.really she was grinding on me while I had a pretty noticeable erection.didn't seem to mind ;) I also made a move and kissed her several times.I like this girl and don't want to sound too forward or creepy about mentioning Valentines have any advice for me?

Why did he order himself a beer instead of a bottle of champagne for you to share?After a few days of texting I usually skip a day or two to see if she initiates conversation, but she has only done so once, though she always replies quickly to me and seems interested in talking to me.I have asked her to hang out twice over the last few weeks but she has said she was too busy with school both times.Tinder recorded a 20 per cent surge in usage on February 14 last year, and expects a similar trend again this year.But experts believe a last ditch effort at a date could seem desperate.

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