Updating sony bdp s301

My blu ray was on the whole time I did the code with the words Home showing on the display screen. I disconnected the player from the mains and then plugged it in again just to check if it would lock again but it seems it is still region free. I have no acknowledgment and the player is still not zone free Use the Sony remote to bring the player out of standby, make sure there isn't a disc in it; Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on the One For All remote.

Now I will put in the correct code 1516 to enable the URC to control the player. The light will start flashing; Put the player back into standby with the Sony remote.

Next time you turn on the player it will be region free for DVD playback. Turn on Blu ray player then on 1for All press 1 2 3 4 5?? If I use 12345 nothing happen on the 1for All remote.

If I press the magic button only 1234 are accepted.

Until I slipped my old "Buena Vista Social Club" region 1 DVD into it last night.. So I dug around and found the Sony BRP-S480 unlocking procedure that I've reproduced below. Currently playing in i Tunes: by ADELE Requirement: Until a dedicated code is researched using the player's own remote, programmable One For All remotes can be used. Presser 000953 (programmation de la touche 3 – le bouton DVD clignote deux fois) 16. Maintenir le bouton Magic enfoncé jusqu'à ce que le bouton DVD clignote deux fois. C'est terminé, la prochaine fois que vous allumerez votre lecteur, il sera dézoné pour les DVDs Above does not work for me.... You also don't need the original remote to switch the unit on and off for it to work.(I used the powerbutton on the player) It works perfectly on my BDP S280, thanks a lot, now it reads everything (I've tested only DVD I hope that it will work for foreign Blurays too ..) Ca marche super bien sur mon BDP S280, merci beaucoup, maintenant mon lecteur lit tout (ou du moins les DVD, car je n'ai pas encore testé des blurays étrangers). Simply turn the player back on with the original remote and it id Region free.

These controllers can be purchased very cheaply from most electrical retailers. Presser 002552 (programmation de la touche 2 – le bouton DVD clignote deux fois) 12. Maintenir le bouton Magic enfoncé jusqu'à ce que le bouton DVD clignote deux fois. programmed my all in one, which seemed to go just as outlined until the " 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 " step. Same as Johnny K above, once I press 5 the Blue Ray player just turns off (Sony BDP-S770). Btw, I used an OFA URC-7960 remote (if someone might feel the need to ask. Hi, it worked for me on a BDP-S1100 Model with the code "20533" used in the first step...one of the other "..533" codes, I don't know for sure, read on...

I used the One For All URC 3940 Slim Line 4 remote. After that happens, when I turn it off and on again, the screen goes dark right after the Sony/Blue-Ray bootup logo shows.

Does any one know if what we are doing to hack our players can actually brick them and cause what is happening to me?The next stage is actually transmitting those codes over to the Sony Blu-Ray player to make it region-free, so this is what you do after having programmed the All-In-One: 1) (Using the Sony remote) turn the Sony Blu-Ray player ON (if it's not already on) 2) ensure that there is no disc inside 3) Wait till the Blu-Ray player is ready (its display should read "Home") 4) (Using the One-For-All remote), press the following number buttons after each other: 1 2 3 4 5 5) If I remember correctly there should now be an "OK" in the Blu-Ray player's display 6) (using the Sony remote) turn OFF the Blu-Ray player 4) turn ON the Blu-Ray player, insert a different region DVD and enjoy your success! I purchased a Sony S5200 Blu-Ray player in USA and a RCA URC RCR003RWD.I followed the instructions which came with the URC to program it for controlling my Blu-Ray player. However, the procedure to make the player region free did not yield any result. Any one managed to make region free the Sony BDP-A6000 with URC 7980 one for all remote control ?We saw no "OK" on the screen of the player or else. When you hit 12345 is the blue flasing light what I'm looking for? I can confirm that the hack above works for a Sony BDP-S490 with a One For All URC-4170 remote. For anyone who is familiar with this combo I also ran a firmware update recently and I am not operating on the software version: MO4. I have tried every code sequence, sequence modification mentioned here and I'm still not able to unlock it.We tried also a code (1516 in our case) that would allow us to control the player with the One For All control, but the only thing we achieved was to turn the player ON and OFF by pressing 5... I have a BPD-BX2 and using the oneforall remote procedure (URC 7740) I have a couple questions: After inputting the 0533 I jumped right into the other steps and everything blinked on each step. I have no idea what stand by is so I turned it off and back on. I have tried Region 1, 2 and 3 DVDs and now thankfully it will play them all! Does anyone know if resetting the DVD player to factory default settings is required before doing this hack? Unfortunately it does not seems to work with my SONY BDP S6200 - Canada and One4All URC7960 All the process seems to go well until entering 1,2,3,4,5 ...

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