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On a large system sysadmins deploy monitoring tools like Nagios that can report low disk space on all machines, making this step much less time consuming and error prone.If there are problems with connectivity between the repositories and the machine performing the update, the update may fail.database that contains all the metadata about packages installed on the system.The update process also calculates all dependencies of the upgraded packages, may replace old packages, and remove old kernel images according to its configuration.

The dry run can be scheduled to run on a given time frame (maybe at night to impact the system's performance less) with , to aggregate the possible results of the upcoming upgrade before proceeding.

Think of a datacenter with hundreds or thousands of (virtual) machines, or simply a physical PC that you have to upgrade remotely.

There are simple steps we can perform to prepare the system for upgrade, and possibly clear any problem that would endanger a successful update.

This can only happen at the metadata, or the new rpms download stage, and will not break the system.

You can start the update process again when the network issue is solved.

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