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This is Herman Chan, San Francisco real estate broker extraordinaire and diva. She says, "Herman, we just bought a fixer upper in Pacific Heights.

Paint the cabinets, swap them out with hardware, something more sleek, make the colors pop, make it bold. You can go with corian, granite, soap stone, cedar stone, concrete, whatever you want.

Potential home buyers love granite, and adding the keyword “granite” to your listing could help you sell your house 38 days sooner for 4 percent more.

Kitchen floors can take a beating, particularly in the well-used paths between the refrigerator, sink and stove.

I just assumed they made items like washing machines, dishwashers and tumble driers.

Kettles are fairly easy to pick up anywhere quite cheaply and isn’t used that regularly whereas our washing machine would be a big loss and would cost quite a bit more to replace.I feel as if I have little flexibility other than to replace what I already have. Your floors look to be in good condition from what I can tell, and having the same flooring throughout, especially in a smaller space, helps keep things unified and open. New lighting/fixtures, new counters, under-mount sink, new stainless steel appliances if you really want to replace those.I love that it is more technologically advanced than my current microwave and has functions such as cutting edge Multi-Wave technology meaning that whatever you are doing whether it be defrosting or heating; an even spread of heat is distributed throughout the food.It also allows for a lower consumption of energy which, when I am trying to be more eco conscious, means a lot to me.

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