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Before you begin upgrading your site, you should put it into maintenance mode to stop any non-admin users from logging in.

Then you should wait for any currently running cron processes to complete before proceeding.

It is as simple as copying over new files over your old Moodle files. When enabled, an “Under Maintenance” banner is displayed on the website.

4.3 Move Old Files Move (do not copy) everything in mysite.com/moodle to mysite.com/moodle/OLDSITE Select everything in mysite.com/moodle except the folder OLDSITE & uploaded compressed file. 4.4 Extract Extract or unzip or unpack the compressed file to mysite.com/moodle 4.5 Copy Configuration File Copy your old file from mysite.com/moodle/OLDSITE to mysite.com/moodle Moodle will automatically detect the new version and perform all the SQL database or file system upgrades that are necessary.

Open the URL mysite.com/moodle in a browser and follow the upgrade process.

This is likely to be more reliable, particularly for large sites.

The last step is to trigger the upgrade processes within Moodle.

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