Updating firmware on ps3

According to Rebug PS3 CFW developer @Joonie the 4.82 PUP was compiled in August, which explains why the 4.81 / 4.82 payloads are the same and everything will work from v4.81 to v4.82 without porting.

Main features in system software update version 4.82: As always, we'll revise this article when Sony updates their page with the official PS3 System Software Update 4.82 changelog alongside confirmation from users on what's patched or not patched in this latest Play Station 3 4.82 Firmware version.

In light of this, Joonie released HFW 4.85.1 which is a custom PUP file that can be installed from a system running OFW 4.85.

PUP So you would have the USB Stick root, and inside of that make a folder on it named PS3 (in CAPS) and inside of that another folder named UPDATE (in CAPS) and finally inside of that place the PS3UPDAT.

Which, let’s face it, you probably haven’t updated this system in a while if you’re one of the over 94 million PS4 owners.

Much like the recent PS Vita update, this one isn’t going to blow your socks off or anything.

Backup Manager can also be used to run homebrew applications that are created to run in the console’s native mode.

The benefits of jailbreaking a Play Station are endless.

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So you can convert to Custom Firmware (CFW) your Official Firmware (OFW) 2019.

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