Updating environment variables

Say you have a production server which hosts a variety of apps and a new app needs a particular Environment variable to run. After the changes are saved, Explorer broadcasts a message to all windows to inform them of the change.

Can you tell us more about the specific scenario that isn't working?

In 'System Variables' choose the one you want to modify 5.

Click Ok A possible solution for services is to run them temporarily as another user (other than Local System, Local Service, Network Service).

That does not imply that Explorer broadcasts a WM_SETTINGCHANGE message once you have changed the system environment variables, or that it actually works. On the left pane, press 'Advanced System Settings' 3.

I'm not sure how you would do what is suggested in the KB article (to propagate the changes immediately) from the command prompt. On the 'Advanced' tab, click 'Environment Variables' 4.

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