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there are several menus on the Recovery mode feature on android, each type of recovery is treated differently depending on the brand of phone and the type of android used.this feature is hidden because in its use required precision and caution, because if wrong in using it can cause android lost data files, error, bootloop.Each variant has a number of tasks associated with it, and some of those task variant dimensions, despite having different names, can end up producing the same output.With the local cache enabled, reuse between task variants will happen automatically when applicable.Recovery Mode is a menu system for Android Device Restore that can be accessed by pressing the key combination on android device.while the Fasboot mode is a protocol that can be used to flash on android android fastboot is a tool released in the android SDK package.

The changes don’t need to be completely independent, either; we’ll take a look at the strategies to reuse results when dependencies are involved in the section about the different forms of normalization.When multiple developers work on the same project, they don’t just need to build their own changes: whenever they pull from version control, they end up having to build each other’s changes as well.Whenever a developer is working on something independent of the pulled changes, they can safely reuse outputs already generated on CI.Developers can make changes to task inputs or outputs while the task is executing.They can do this unintentionally and without noticing, for example by making changes in their IDEs while a build is running.

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