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The main window is a form that allows record searching via the record selector arrows, and auto update entry fields.

Access database record locking occurs in two environments either in the Microsoft Access Interface or in the ADO Recordset Object.

The Edit record option ensures that access locks a record the moment a user starts the editing process and then lock is released when users saves the changes.

The first field control is lookup field that is used to see the client’s customer number.The following is a snippet of some code we use to analyze our website hits. Database Set db = Current Dbspecial = Chr(34) & "-" & Chr(34)‘making Microsoft access databases run faster with better design Set wksp = DBEngine. Begin Trans ' all record set changes are buffered after this On Error Go To roll0Set rst2 = db. The key parts of the Transaction processing are bolded. Workspace Dim special As String Dim visitor As String Dim visit_date As Date Dim Engine As String Dim rst As DAO. I then decided to read up on Recordsets and this seems like a better solution as the module will typically be called from reports and forms based on a query.My understanding is that a recordset can be defined by a query and created within an event call on a report or form.

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