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Another source for elk was from the Elk and Bison Enclosure at Land Between the Lakes, a herd that also originated from EINP.

The EINP elk herd is closely monitored for potential health problems and is considered one of the best sources of wild disease free elk.

There is no one specific reason that accounts for the demise of elk in Tennessee.

What was the cause of the demise of the elk population in Tennessee?

However, no specific plans exist at this time to restore elk in other areas. https://tnwf.org/elk-viewing-tower/ Will elk bring diseases to other Tennessee wildlife or to domestic livestock and pets?

All elk brought into Tennessee for release go through strict disease testing prior to release.

In the eastern states that have elk, elk movements have been a lot less than that seen in western states.

Michigan, for example, has an elk herd of 1300-1500 elk that are maintained on 512,000 acres.

In western areas elk are very mobile mostly in response to availability of suitable habitat which may be influenced by weather conditions.Resort is excited to announce the addition of the Bryce Resort Cam to our growing lineup of live, streaming, high quality cameras.This cam is a PTZ camera that is on a timer, switching views every 10-20 seconds, giving you a great view of snow and/or weather conditions at the reosrt.While our lower slopes are very accommodating for beginners, our upper slopes will challenge seasoned intermediate and advanced skiers/riders as well. For the safety of the animals the bulls had their antlers removed prior to transporting them to Tennessee and mature bulls were transported apart from the rest of the animals.

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