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I agree with betrayed that it's a good way of filtering people out.

I don't really care if they genuinely dislike what I would call assertiveness, or if they have a different interpretation of what the word means - I am not interested in them. If they find assertive women a turn- off it might mean that they are controlling or worse still a potential bully and I certainly don't want that.

Probably been there, done that & would rather put a camp fire out with their face, than go through all that shit again.

Horses for courses, I think Thank you all for your opinions.

I suppose it depends how they interpret assertiveness.

We all know people who are really stroppy - someone might think that's what's meant there.

Many dating sites that are free are full of scammers and timewasters. We believe that dating sites should be upfront about any charges. You can set up your free dating profile, and contact as many members as you want. We charge for VIP features which will ensure you get more dates and success.

We're one of the oldest and best known dating communities on the web, and we have a unique, and very popular, secret weapon - our intelligent two-way matching feature.I want a relationship on equal terms; I don't want to be the underdog. Stops a potential mismatch, right at the beginning.Not all men but, some will see assertive as stroppy.Just been back to have a look at Mr Hot's profile and his Turn-ons are listed as; Assertiveness; Body piercing(s); Dancing; Erotica; Intelligence; Long hair; Showing affection in public; Skinny dipping; Thrill seeking I had to laugh at the skinny dipping - he's 53 FFS Quite like the idea of thrill seeking though. To Not understand why people get so selfish at the airport?to be furious husband has complained about my weight To leave Australia and move back to the UK Half a stone or 3kgs off in September!!

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