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There was no correlation between stardates and calendar dates, except that they generally increased in time during the series.

The episode "Space Seed" states that it is two centuries after the 1990s and other episodes suggest other time periods, and it was often assumed to have occurred in the early 23rd century, but the movie Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home later stated that it takes place in the late 23rd century, and Star Trek Chronology and later canon established more precisely that TOS was set about 300 years after it aired, in the 2260s.

It also introduced an all new type of stardates, which is simpler and based upon year numbers in the Common Era.

These stardates are simply the current four digit year, followed by a decimal representing the ordinal day of year.

The first season of TNG began airing in 1987, and the episode named "The Neutral Zone", which aired May 18, 1988, was set on stardate 41986.0 and gave the year as 2364.

Some fans, including Andrew Main and Richie Kennedy, assumed stardates roll over on January 1 every year, while others, such as Trek, used May 25, all of them assuming 1000 stardates per year.

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Pugh differs in that the three digits to the left of the decimal point increase positively from 000 to 999 during the year, even as the thousands increment negatively, so that -310999.9 is followed by -309000.0, -309000.1, etc.

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