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Most, if not all of these individuals are singles, so naturally new sparks of attraction will be lit here and there.Brett has a secret love interest in Becky, who tries to get over her ex-boyfriend.

The audio and controls didn’t factor in at all to how much fun I had—I didn’t really notice them at all., you simply talk to people and do your best to hook up with members of the opposite sex.I’m sorry, but there is no gay loving to be found here. All you have to do throughout the entire game is move the d-pad to highlight the response of your choosing and press A. The visuals aren’t 3D-looking or anything, but that is part of the game’s appeal.Saving is typically done between chapters but you are also treated with a temporary saving feature in longer chapters – this doesn’t allow you to turn off the game though, but instead is entirely for the sake of not having to replay the whole chapter when things go wrong.The two campaigns aren’t story canon even though they are about the same persons.

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This doesn’t make a lot of sense for a dating sim, in my opinion, but it’s still very fun to play. Like I said, there is some room to do what you want, and there are a few branches in the storyline for you to explore, but beyond that there isn’t much reason to replay this game.

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