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Third party apps slow and non responsive Settings slow to toggle buttons on and off, especially switching mobile data on and off. I cannot downgrade as Apple Watch won’t work with less than IOS 11 if it has also been upgraded to Watch OS4!

So in a nutshell, completely shafted, a phone I can’t use and so angry that I nearly threw this £700 phone in the bin.

In general, everything is very slow to respond, and I have rebooted twice. Here’s what I did: Backup i Phone 6 to computer using i Tunes and encryption. i Tunes will download the newest i OS and may take a while. I was in the process of doing that myself and accidentally chose "reset all settings" instead of "erase all content and settings". I've upgraded one to 11.02 and left the other at 10.3.3.

CPU Dasher confirms that CPU running at 1127 MHz after factory reset vs. I think that there was more happening than just slower CPU.

I tried again after a few minutes only to find out that my i Phone apps were not updating. Some of them meet this problem after updating their i Phone to i OS 13/12. It is rather a strange problem but can be overcome with simple tips and tricks. Since Apps and their updates can be downloaded over Wi-Fi and Cellular Data, you need to be very sure that your i Phone is connected to the internet network, or the i Phone apps won't update even you are using i OS 13/12.

In case a Wi-Fi network is not available, you can turn on the "Cellular Data" in "Settings" on your i Phone.I know there is a lot of new tech in the upgrade, but I would trade it all for the snappy and responsive interface I've enjoyed for the past 3 years.I don't agree that there should be the need to compromise on interface speed just because there's a new OS, and I certainly cant afford to upgrade a perfectly working phone to a later model just because of an OS upgrade that I don't seem to be able to revert.Now tap on "i Tunes & App Store" in "Settings" and turn on the "Use Cellular Data" switch and then try to download the update again.While using a Wi-Fi network, if you face a problem that i Phone Apps not updating, you have 2 tips to check if the Wi-Fi works well, which were given below: 1. Restart your router Sometimes due to an unstable connection, Apps do not download and update smoothly.

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I want to flash back to 10.3.3 but there doesnt appear to be any way to do it now.

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