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Brian Higginbotham, Utah State University Extension associate vice president, said Utah has a historical precedence of a pro-marriage culture, which has extended through families.“Our state is universally pretty pro-relationships and pro-marriage,” Higginbotham said.“A lot of people feel like that’s something they’re supposed to do and there’s not necessarily a right time for that to happen.”And with more marriages, 8.6 compared to the national average of 6.8, there also comes more divorces.“Because people marry younger and there’s more marriages, there’s more divorces,” Birger said.“People who are single and divorced still by and large want to have the companionship and benefits of having a partner.”Still, when it comes to getting back into the dating game Utah does fall behind the rest of the U. with 22.7 percent of men, and 23.2 of women, 15 years old and older, married two times or more.The national average is 24.8 percent for men and 24.4 percent for women. George who have been divorced are doing better than most of the state when it comes to finding love a second or third time around.In Iron County, 50.3 percent were women and 49.7 were male.

George comes in at 28.7 percent and for women 30.4 percent, Census data indicated.

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However, numbers aside, some experts are more apt to focus on being able to enjoy the single life.

Bella De Paulo, psychology project scientist at the University of California, said she encourages people to be in a place they don't feel like being in a relationship is the main concern."Go out and about think about your whole life," De Paulo said.

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