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It's just aa shame that it didn't really get to shine until the later seasons.

Score: 8Noel: When you think of Noel, you probably don't think of him as being all that funny, but Noel's sense of humor often came out in his exasperated reactions to his situation or other people. You make up a dead brother to get into college, you have an affair with a married woman, you get a woman pregnant and your first instinct is to cut and run? What are you going to tell that son you never really seem to see? Although Noel gets the rep of being the more stable of Felicity's love interests, must we remind you of Leon?! But also, there was the time he stole Tyra Banks' emails, took smart powder, told Ben he slept with Felicity and thought he got not one, but two girls pregnant (does anyone use condoms on this show?! Score: -10 didn't offer much in the way of these gestures — everything happened on a much smaller scale — but there were a few stand-out moments.

For instance, do you remember that sexy haircut he got? Now, maybe he wore that one brownish/greenish plaid shirt a bit too often, but he was in college, so we'll let it slide.

At the end of the day, there was very little Ben needed to improve upon here.

On the other hand, Noel was always there for Felicity as a friend, but he wasn't always there for her as a romantic partner. We turned to our handy friend math to figure it out.

Ben and Noel were both graded on a scale of 1 to 10 in a variety of crucial categories to prove once and for all who Felicity's best boyfriend really is. He definitely didn't always make the right choices when it came to their friendship and relationship.

Ben: Let's get this one out of the way right now: Ben did not always treat Felicity well. But he was also a college student dealing with his own tragic family history.

Ben was charming, yes, but he was also a bit of a coward.

Score: 5Noel: No one on this show has great emotional intelligence or street smarts, but Noel has book smarts down.

He never struggled in school and was always shown to be a talented graphic designer — that is, when he wasn't doing dumb things to get himself fired. Score: 6Noel: While Ben and Felicity were eventually able to bond over med school, Noel and Felicity were drawn together over their love of art.

For instance, remember when Sean (Greg Grunberg) asked Ben and Noel if they'd ever felt an aching "down under" and Ben replied, "You mean like Australia?

" Maybe it's mean to laugh because Sean did have cancer, but you can't say Ben didn't have a great sense of humor.

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