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And new in version 1.9, you can search the entire text of any record in any table, including decoded BLOB fields. (In fact, try stopping it once the first match has been found - good luck with that...) Then run the same search in Electrician. (Pun intended.) Advanced BLOB Decoders: We went the extra mile and worked out special decoding methods that drastically improve on the ones provided by Sales Logix.Many of the control properties in Sales Logix Active Form and Main View plugins are actually embedded in hex-encoded "sub-objects," each of which requires additional decoding. View neatly-interpreted group query definitions (and preview the groups themselves) instantly!Electrician is the only program around that will extract and decode these sub-objects, allowing you to read and search on those properties - one of which just happens to be the database field the control is bound to. It also does the same thing for menu and toolbar plugins. Search for strings in embedded Word templates and Crystal Reports without having to extract them first!

All of the settings that have been transferred to database tables can be viewed from the new Settings Manager accessible by clicking on the [Settings Manager] button on the System tab of the Help-10.Examples of these are fields that do not exist in a default address book, like annual revenue or the number of employees — these types of fields should not be required for Riva to sync.If Salesforce requires them, they should be left up to the next record editor to complete, or another process should be defined to handle them.The result - tasks that were mind-bendingly complicated before are made ridiculously simple with Electrician. There's a table browser, a schema and join viewer, a group query viewer, a separate treeview for SLXweb data where you can set your own template path, and still another separate treeview for "system" data like projects, bundles, joins, lookups, and picklists.Version 1.9 adds several cool new features, including a special window for looking at the raw data behind your team structure.

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