Revalidating lapsed ppl

If endorsed onto an EASA licence it will be called an Instrument Rating (Restricted) or IR(R), but that is simply a way of complying with the European rules, the privileges and restrictions are exactly the same.

It is a very useful alternative to the full Instrument Rating, which may go beyond what you practically need to use, or have the time, commitment or funds to obtain.

After that we go away from the airfield to look at rejoins, steep turns and off-airfield landings in the local training area.

You may have up to 3 attempts at each subject here at CFT, then a 4th at a CAA test centre.

You are also only allowed 6 exam “sittings”, a “sitting” is defined as attendance at an examination centre for a period of ten consecutive days.

Then it’s on to cross-country navigation, where we go and visit at least two other airfields, (we normally use Newcastle & Durham Tees-Valley or Blackpool & Liverpool).

You will have to pass a navigation skills test before doing this by yourself, then it’s just some revision before the final general skills test.

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You will need an EASA class 2 aviation medical, from a CAA authorised medical examiner.

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