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You don’t have to let rejection destroy you, however! However, if you are worried, go see your doctor and ask for personalized advice.

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Unlike other addictions, this one is positive and benefits you.3. Although it might be hard to do so right now, avoid blaming and criticizing yourself. If you catch yourself analyzing your past or yourself, gently draw attention away to something external.4. Learning a new skill can be challenging; in addition to obvious benefits, it helps us heal by keeping us busy and focused. Besides, new people have new exciting stories to tell, which helps you stay distracted.7. If going through this difficult period alone is too much to bear, counseling or psychotherapy is an excellent way to help yourself deal with your emotions.

To make things even better, learning a new skill may help discover new opportunities or meet new people.5. New places are always fun to explore and, just like the suggestions above, they will distract your attention from negative thoughts and add excitement to your life. For example, this website offers a science-based online therapy platform equipped with all the necessary tools to help you deal with your problem.

CBT is based on the idea that your feelings are caused by your thoughts and not so much by external stimuli like people, situations, and events.

It teaches you to change your thinking patterns and, consequently, helps change the way you feel. Hypnosis helps you access the unconscious mind and shape it in ways you never knew was possible.

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