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Hey guys, I'm Dan Blakeman from Louisville, Kentucky and Jeffy here had a real experience to tell me.

He told me about all this stuff that I couldn't even imagine if he wasn't here.

I'm very happy that I took the course and I feel that I really got my money's worth out of it and as I said, I wish it had been available when I was younger so I could've used it all these years.

, well rounded start to finish, gives you just about everything you need to know with pick-up, with developing your game, fundamentals, you name it. It's a true inspiration for the average guy, for sure.

Hey guys, my name is Anthony and I'm from Los Angeles. It has opened my eyes to different things so I won't be stuck at a "chode" state. There's an inner game that needs a lot of development. And if you choose not to go then well..maybe you don't got the balls to do it.If you guys want to take a program, it's very good to be here and absorb the power of their teaching - it's just very's just very good. These tactics and these routines and all these things, these are good to have but what counts is you, and what you're getting out of it, and whether or not you're happy with who you are. FROM: The Desk Of The Ill-Advised Fool Who Allowed This To Come Out Bwaaaaaaaaaaa, guess who?? Anyway there’s something I want to get off of my chest today. But sometimes I feel worried about how you’re doing...And this was the best thing I've done in a very long time, I'd advise it to anybody.Like the phone call thing was great: just make it short and simple when you call a girl.

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