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Boy Meets Girl, by Meg Cabot Kate Mac Kenzie finds herself caught in the middle when her evil boss wants Kate to fire long-time employee Ida Lopez. Will Liam’s assistance add sour grapes to their already uncivil relationship, or will it take them back to a love as smooth as a fine wine?

When Ida sues the company, she hires handsome lawyer Mitch Herzog who takes on the case . Cure for the Common Breakup, by Beth Kendrick After her long-time boyfriend not only fails to propose but dumps her, Summer Benson heads to Black Dog Bay, where she makes a unique first impression on the town’s mayor, Dutch Jenson, when she runs over his prized roses.

But sitting across from her now is "hardluvnman," and he seems different--sensitive, honest, and hot He says he's a plumber, while Lucy claims she's a nurse She's really a mystery writer, dating online while researching her next book.

Hey, he realizes the dating scene can be deadly--but this is ridiculous Sex .

This list is just a small sampling of the books that gleefully combine love and laughter.

The first edition of this novel was published in January 1st 1999, and was written by Rachel Gibson.

The Duke and I, by Julia Quinn In order to avoid falling into the parson’s mousetrap, Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, pretends to court Daphne Bridgerton, but the more time Simon spends with Daphne, the more difficult it is to remember that their courtship is a sham.

Everything’s Coming up Rosie, by Kasey Michaels Cousin Bettie is a pitbull of a matchmaker, so singles Doug Llewellyn and Rosie Kilgannon decide to join forces to avoid her clever, romantic schemes.

Unfortunately, the little darlings have made all the other nannies run screaming, and the only one left at the agency is the calamitous Millie Longfellow. Dishworth was really written by Henry Seldon, whose family has been feuding with the Dales for centuries. Beth Avery soon discovers that taking care of Rylan’s four dogs is a lot easier than trying to manage their master.

Loving Lord Ash, by Sally Mac Kenzie It’s time for Kit, Marquis of Ashton, to have his “heir and a spare.” He returns to the castle, only to find Jess, the wife he left at the altar, with a naked man . Nerd in Shining Armor, by Vicki Lewis Thompson After their plane crashes, Genevieve Terrence finds herself stranded on a desert island with the company’s computer nerd, Jackson Farley, but much to Genevieve’s surprise, Jackson not only turns out to be quite resourceful, but also quite sexy. Once and Always, by Julia Harper As far as Maisa Burney is concerned, the one-night stand she enjoyed with Sam West was a one-time thing.

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