Problems of verifying and validating real time systems

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While these advances have enabled significant increases in system efficiency and has allowed the development and operation of systems that were earlier impossible, it has also introduced the inherent drawback of system induced failures.

In the real-time computing environment, for a complex system, the software components are highly interdependent and therefore identification and resolving software problems early in the life-cycle is necessary to prevent the probable catastrophic failures in actual utilization.

Clearly, we have a long way to go before AV technology is ready for prime time.

Some of the reasons for this is the sheer complexity of the task.

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The complexity is such that AV functions have been divided into three separate levels: system level, vehicle level, and mobility level.Reliability is one example as software reliability differs from hardware reliability.Another example is the verification and validation concept which takes different forms in hardware systems applications where it is rather difficult to establish a unique definition of V&V which applies to all engineering systems [2].Many automotive equipment and vehicle manufacturers are now developing or are contemplating developing custom So Cs for decision making rather than rely on commercially available ICs.The reasons include optimization for their platform, differentiation from other vendors, and to reduce dependence on traditional semiconductor vendors.

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