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A good thing too, because i Tunes isn’t without it’s problems and if you do choose to use the software to update the software on your i Phone, or sync your music, it’s likely that you have experienced one or two of the issues we will examine below.

If you are using i Tunes on your Mac as a jukebox - which is what it was always intended to be before it became the centre of everything i Phone related - you’ll also no doubt have run into a few problems.

If your feed is valid, then this means that i Tunes needs to refresh its cache and recognize the changes you have made.

Then force restart your i Phone before connecting it to your computer via USB (here’s how to force restart an i Phone).

If during the process you see a Trust this Computer alert, make sure you tap Trust to unlock your device and enter your passcode.

One reason you might not be able to update i Tunes is if there is a problem with the settings on your Mac (or PC) that stop it being able to access Apple’s software update server.

If the latter is the issue then you may see a message stipulating: ’This device isn‘t eligible for the requested build‘ - this is the error you will get if i Tunes can’t communicate with Apple's software update server. From time to time there are issues when the i Tunes Store goes offline due to issues with Apple’s server. This is a common issue, perhaps because it’s often the case that you are being asked to sync your i Phone with i Tunes because there is a problem with your i Phone. If you plug your i Phone into your Mac (or PC) and nothing happens Apple’s advice is that you should start by updating i Tunes on your Mac (it’s also worth checking to see if there are any other software updates required).

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