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Here are some of these qualities: They value education a lot, and most of them have a degree to prove it.

Their love for learning has helped them master the English language, thereby taking out the barrier that might prevent Puerto Rican women dating westerners.

That implies new adventures, new people, lots of Spanish, lots of laughs, too many jokes, one to another visit to the best beaches in the Caribbean, burn skin, and gaining some weight with what we called “good food”. What happens if I listen my favorite salsa when I’m doing some shopping? it’s something that runs through our veins, it’s normal. The truth is that we are very sensual, we love to dress really good, we are provocative women, we like to attract attention,we are beautiful in all sizes and that provokes pleasure, but does not make us whores. If you are laying down in bed it will not be to sleep … We don’t waste time on nonsense, we have many things to do and the truth is that we walk knowing what we really want. We come from a small island that everyone knows each other, everyone talks a lot, everyone writes, everyone communicates … It does not make sense and we don’t care about ghosts. Wanting something by our own, being real and not perfect, seeking equal rights, not wanting to use your family’s last name in ours, wanting to be out because the house won’t make us any “smarter”; getting our hands between our legs because we don’t always need you, and wearing short skirts because you are supposed to learn not to rape …

Listed are some more characteristics of these beauties. They are tanned, have dark wavy or curly hair, and brown eyes.

They are a bit short and have perfect full figures with a bit of a “trunk”.

Take a look at Beautiful Puerto Rican women: Before getting involved with hot Puerto Rican women, it should be known that these women are notorious for their hot tempers (which is not a bad thing at all when you get to know them better) .

With that being said, they are typically loyal, demand to be respected, and will not tolerate a cheating man.

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