Petroleum gasoline age dating laboratory

A well-detailed account of events can support your analysis of a claim and be useful in both a forensic setting and in later cost recovery actions.What if there are multiple hazards occurring at the same property?A complex pollution claim can often feel the same way.My colleagues have noted that it is imperative to either have a written statement or record of a loss incident to prevent confusion.Here are a few things to look for when dealing with contamination-based issues and insurance claims: The plot thickens As I write this, I’m reminded of the TV show House.Diverse plots with multiples themes and subplots with twisting endings occur in nearly every episode.In this case not only is there a chemical release, but during the remedial activities an asbestos abatement may have occurred.

The use of an environmental consultant to collect evidence, follow chain of custody procedures and generate a comprehensive report will undoubtedly provide a significant benefit when the time comes.

Contamination and liability issues are often a complex mix of fact versus fiction, forensic and laboratory analysis, civil and criminal law, environmental regulation, and cleanup activities.

This is why insurance carriers often have special liability or complex claim teams to handle these sorts of claims.

The majority of an iceberg’s mass lies below the water’s surface.

This is a great metaphor for pollution and property claims.

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