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that cast and crew felt uncomfortable with Harmon bringing his dog to set again, which he may have done after the incident occurred.The outlet reports that despite this discomfort, cast and crew didn’t feel comfortable addressing the issue.Perrette, on the other hand, was not afraid to call Harmon out about his dog’s behavior.reports that she objected to the dog returning to set after it bit the crew member, and this created a rift between her and Harmon that led to the two of them never even filming in the same location for the duration of Perrette’s time on the show.

In recent seasons, Perrette’s Abby and Harmon’s Gibbs have barely shared screen time — in Perrette’s final episode, Abby didn’t even say an in-person goodbye to her father figure and friend.‘s favorite goth forensic scientist after 15 seasons.In the second part of Perrette’s two-part farewell titled “Two Steps Back,” we see the fate of Reeves (Duane Henry) and our dear Abby as they were held at gunpoint in the previous episode.Meanwhile, we cut to a medical examination room with a body bag and it’s obvious who’s in there — mainly Bishop (Emily Wickersham), Palmer (Brian Dietzen) and Torres (Wilmer Valderama) have somber looks on their faces.That’s when veteran David Mc Callum makes his grand return as Donald “Ducky” Mallard.

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The team attempts to track him down and Abby says that she found him sending Gibbs and the gang to an area that ends up being a dead end — but they figured out that is exactly where she meant to send them.

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