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“I won’t rest until (the perpetrators) are all brought to justice.” The case stands as a stark reminder of the danger of Internet predators, but Loebick said the memorial will focus on the bright side of his life.“He was a really sensitive person,” Sanchez Loebick said.A man who said he was paid to dispose of the body is also in custody, while two other alleged accomplices remain at large.

Hello Chelsea, I have heard so many great things about you from the troublesome @georgina_castle Congratulations on your debut in @9to5Musical UK this week. If only the Guardian had told me this before I joined at 16...

Laughter is spiced with secrets, surprises, and pitfalls aplenty, including a midlife pregnancy test, a fight for life, the perils of Internet dating, an all-expense-paid plastic surgery cruise, and a surprise celebration that proves it's never too late for love.

As the women confront their pasts along with their hazardous adventure, they discover surprising strength in themselves and their friendships.

Also, Marcia Sanchez Loebick, sister of slain San Bruno resident Raymond Merrill, is creating a petition to urge Brazilian authorities to treat the case seriously.

You would be too if you looked and danced like him – a stringy guy from Sydney who’s all legs and is constantly pointing his toes and flexing his knees to pull his jeans tight across his thy.

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