Pentecostal rules of dating

Gorgeous hair, perfect skin, beautiful eyes, naturally straight teeth, wonderful bone structure, fabulous figure, effortless sense of's disgusting, I tell you.) I've been to church with them a few times, and clothing and hairdressing issues aside, they look remarkably like any other congregation I've ever seen.Some short, some tall, some fat, some thin, some pretty, some not-so-pretty, some stylish, some frumpy. I think the issue is partly one of selective perception.They wear skirts and dresses because of Biblical admonitions against women dressing like men, thus no pants.

Anyone who sees these people on a regular basis as I do will know what I mean about the appearance.Look at a picture of your favorite supermodel without makeup sometime--most of them are very ordinary, and some of them are flat-out homely.And I know you didn't want the information, but I'll share with you anyway: the long hair is because of a bit of scripture that talks about a woman's hair being her crowning glory, and something I was never real clear on about cut hair being the sign of a harlot.Cosmetics make a vastly larger difference in the appearance of a woman than you might otherwise think.There are lots of Pentecostal women who are not overweight, even here in Mississippi, which is statistically the most overweight state. The slender Pentecostal women aren't as obvious-looking, because long skirts are fashionable.

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So: Is there some kind of Pentecostal diet that consists of a lot of extremely fattening foods, causing all the women to have this build?

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