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Those studies led to the formation of associations of persons for and with synesthesia such as the American Synesthesia Association founded in 1995 and the UK Synesthesia Association in 1993.

Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which two or more senses are attached.

Hearing-touch synesthesia is a very rare condition.

Individuals that experience this condition are susceptible to the sense of sound and they develop tactile feelings whenever they hear sounds.

Individuals with this condition involuntarily associate the sounds they hear with certain colors.

The type of color evoked by a particular sound varies from one person to the other.

The specific cause of synesthesia is still unknown.

Nowadays, there are some battery test to determinate if someone have synesthesia or not.

Most of these tests are based on the suspected causes of synesthesia.

The most common test for synethesia is the test-retest method.

It consist in do a test to detect a form of synesthesia and then redo the test later without notifying the synaesthete. In most cases, the synesthetes score as high as 90% after retest and non-synesthetes' 30-40%.

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Their high memory and ability enables them to accurately quote events in the past and project them to the future.

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