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You enter your location and browse or search for groups on your favorite topics.For example, there are meetup groups for music, movies, hiking, bicycling, politics, and almost anything else.It makes sense…you can post personal information, marital status and photos, so there is just as much information about you as there would be on a dating site.You can search for people in certain age groups and locations and “friend request” them.And although this isn’t specifically a dating site, there are meetup groups for singles, so obviously if you join one of those, it should be clear you’re looking for dates.The nice thing about Meetup is that whether or not you find dates, you’ll at least make new friends who share your hobbies. You can’t expect someone to want to date you without providing them with an appealing photo and a good description.You further refine the matches by choosing age range and location. You can find out your personality type, dating style, IQ and more – and you can view others’ results.Other cool features include winks, a star rating system for profiles you’ve viewed, and a button which shows you whether a user “replies often” or “replies selectively”. Its main drawback is simply that it doesn’t get as much traffic as some other sites, so there are fewer potential dates to choose from.

You also get a personal profile so you can show your location, interests and photos.

However, the person who receives your friend request won’t know you’re interested specifically in dating, since many folks are on Facebook and Myspace just for networking and platonic friends. The downside of social networking sites is the TMI factor.

Once someone is your “friend”, they can see all your activity such as your friends’ comments to you and the events you’re attending. Even if those are just jokes, your potential date won’t know that.

The site also doesn’t have some of the cute features of other sites, such as being able to “wink” to show interest, and there’s none of the high-tech personality matching that some other sites offer.

Basically it’s more of a simple search-and-browse experience.

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You answer questions about various topics such as relationships, politics, religion and sexual preferences.

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