Online dating myths

Users began to treat the global network with great trust.

Its availability attracts everyone, from schoolchildren to pensioners.

It means only that she takes full advantage of modern technological possibilities: she expands her horizons and wants to get acquainted with people, who are hundreds and thousands of miles away from her.

Speaking of common dating myths, when you register on a dating service, don’t expect that all the prettiest and smartest ladies will immediately start emailing you.

Let's look at 7 myths of online dating and try to figure out where all these naive and mistaken beliefs come from.

Myth 1: you'll never find true love online This is one of the ugliest online dating myths that can be found on the web.

Online dating has become so popular that after reading most of the articles and reviews, it seems that the only thing you can find on the web is a bitter disappointment, not a pleasant tete-a-tete conversation.

No one can say for sure whether it’s wrong or not to look for that special someone on the Internet, as there are various nuances.

Myth 2: Online dating isn’t safe All the arguments of the supporters of this myth mostly based on the online reviews of girls, who are sure that instead of handsome young guys, most dating side profiles hide fat, ugly maniacs.As a rule, they only seek some communication and entertainment because of their boring and ordinary daily lives.It may be interesting to share a couple of messages with them, but they aren’t capable of keeping a communicator interested for long. Some people believe that dating sites were invented for those, who struggle to find their soul mates in real life: in office, park, bar, and so on. Even smart, beautiful, and successful men and women, who don’t lack attention from the opposite sex, resort to online dating simply because it’s convenient and effective.And this was just one of the common myths people still believe about online dating.

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