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I was disappointed to read about the women being rough = backstabbing, gossiping and just plan mean is a deal breaker for me living there.I am a mature woman who would like to have some freinds, but geez, it doesn't sound like I would be comfortable.Sign up for Plentyof Fish or something like it and try your luck.It's better than blowing a bunch of money on and getting only a handful of responses. Honestly, I feel somewhat bad for the military guys.Sorry to keep piling on the downers but this area isn't made for thirty something single white collared men. I'm an early 30's professional guy -- any other guys having some issues?The single guys I know have the same issues around here. Are there any nice lounges to grab a drink and socialize?In short, women, whether their preference is local, military or whatever, have their pick from their late teens to about mid thirties.Just to drive home the point, here are the population pyramids for Norfolk and then Virginia Beach. Norfolk: Beach: - I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm not surprised.

There are plenty of free ones, however, you run into the same problem with all of them: men far outnumber the women on these types of sites, particularly in Hampton Roads.

Don't know of any lounges here, Hampton Roads is fond of loud clubs and bars. It's at 1400 Kempsville Road in Chesapeake, looks to be about 4-5 miles from downtown Norfolk. Seemed as though it might be geared more to young professionals than mainly a military crowd."nice lounges to grab a drink and socialize" Such places only exist in big cities.

Better to simply invest your time in some hobbies and get outside...spend some time at the beach! "nice lounges to grab a drink and socialize" Such places only exist in big cities.

However, since many people get married young here, I've also met plenty of late twenty somethings who are divorced with kids.

If that doesn't bother you Nomad, then your prospects just brightened up a bit. Been here for over a year (almost two) and it's not easy to get a date.

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