Oliver phelps and emma watson dating

Something that begins with a simple, meeting-up-with-friends episode, bursts into chaos when the media catches wind of it and decides to present it with the worst icing possible.

Misunderstandings and heartbreaks and tainted histories are revoked, and no one seems to have a possibility of coming out unscathed from that mayhem.

Mostly LOTR RPF, as I used the actors to fill the roles of stereotypical soap opera characters.

Special, hardly-used, guest appearances by the Harry Potter trio...because I needed someone to play their teenage kids.

Oh, how we wish we could have been at the State Social House in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Daniel Radcliffe, Mechanical Engineering Major student, meets Tom Felton English Literature Major, who he mistakenly thought was dating a girl name Emma Watson, while Tom thought that Daniel was with Rupert Grint, a college au which took a different turn.

But it can all turn to blood in the blink of an eye.

It's been seventeen years since Thomas' younger sister Taylor died of nine kinds of cancer. When 2004's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie was released, much of the fandom was upset about how the Shrieking Shack scene was cut down a lot and important plot elements were missing.

It's been ten years or more has passed between Tom and Emma. Will Tom and Emma come back like their old days or they will just stay cold like a complete stranger?

Not best at writing the summary but i think it won't hurt to read the content inside, yeah? Rupert looked over at Dan, who was making a show of paying attention even though Rupert could tell that he was really just watching Rupert from the corner of his eye.

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