Officers dating other officers

However, running afoul of your department’s ethical code can have as much potential impact upon an officer’s career as a violation of a departmental regulation.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.Over the years officers have made attempts to persuade courts to relax agency dictates. Regulations upon officer conduct when off-duty have been similarly upheld to the extent those regulations did not pry into personal matters.Legal challenges to grooming standards (hair length, facial hair, tattoos) have been made with the results frequently leaning in the agency’s favor. Rules and regulations that forbid officers from frequenting certain establishments within their jurisdiction or from associating with known felons have been upheld based on their relation to the agency maintaining good order and avoiding the appearance of impropriety among its officers.I was a detective for a large department on the East Coast, where posted in each station were laminated wall posters containing the agency core values and ethical creed.Each officer was issued a wallet-sized card with these values printed on the front and back.

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The court’s finding of a “minimal government intrusion for a limited and legitimate purpose” countered union arguments of an unconstitutional invasion of privacy. The problem with the questionnaire was in the personal information it sought from the applicants about their family members and the applicants themselves.

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