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, Khalifa didn’t just cheat on her with one woman, but with twin sisters! Though it was originally reported that Amber Rose caught Wiz Khalifa in a home he was living in separately from her, sources who know the couple now say that the home was owned by Khalifa, but it was a home in which Rose was also living.In recent weeks, celebrity news websites speculated that Amber Rose and her new manager Nick Cannon were dating.It made sense, as both Cannon and Amber Rose had been spotted in public together several times, and Cannon had already announced his divorce from diva Mariah Carey.Both Rose and Cannon insisted their relationship was friendly, but totally platonic.

What do you guys think about Amber moving on so quickly?Then broke the news that one of their photographers spotted Amber Rose getting cozy with Nick… Simmons, who is a comic book creator, writer, and the son of KISS rock star Gene Simmons, was spotted at dinner with Amber Rose shortly after she filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa.There were no overt signs of affection, so initially Reportedly, Amber Rose and Simmons were seen grinding on the dance floor and left the club arm-in-arm.Rose didn’t respond to the photographer, but when asked about the new relationship Simmons said simply, “It’s not a relationship.We’re just friends.”Meanwhile, Amber Rose has decided that the best revenge is doing well and looking good.

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The duo were later photographed leaving the club arm-in-arm alongside a group of friends.

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