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Over the next several years, he intends to build about a dozen more Starck-designed projects, including a seventeen-thousand-square-foot “mega” Shelter in Hollywood, a “mega” Prey in Las Vegas, a hotel in South Beach, Miami, a supper club called Slab in the space that the old Shelter currently occupies, and Katsuyas in Las Vegas, Century City, the new Staples Center Entertainment Complex in downtown Los Angeles, and in London’s Millennium Dome.

He is also negotiating to partner with a large gay club in West Hollywood, which he hopes to replicate in Vegas, San Francisco, Miami, and Dallas (“There are homosexuals everywhere,” he says), and is working on a bookstore-organic-coffee-shop concept with the publisher Benedikt Taschen. And as much as I don’t read books, I love pictures.”) With Starck, he plans to develop at least five more restaurant chains and a line of four-and-a-half-to-five-star hotels.

If the deal went forward, the property would become the flagship of the new hotel line.

Bruno Borrione, an interior designer who has worked for Starck for twenty years, and who designed all the Ian Schrager hotels with him, sat at the head of the table. E.’s vice-president of development, says, “Sam doesn’t wait for a deal to come to him.

“It’s been offered to us to go in and bring in Starck, to bring in Daniel Libeskind, bring in Rem Koolhaas, bring in some Japanese guys.

It’s all dirt right now.” He saw it as a potential mecca for media companies.

He wears a dense gold watch and opal cufflinks and a slinky bracelet made of medieval crosses and diamonds.Nazarian strikes him as something different—a businessman rather than a romantic. A., and these concepts will be prototypes and will be duplicated in all the U. It’s a center of art, it’s a center of culture, it’s a center of entertainment. He bought the house for twelve and a half million, and keeps it filled with the furniture, down to the mattress, of its previous occupant, Jennifer Lopez.“I made my whole career here by taking weird, quirky, run-down restaurants and making them work, not by taking multi-million-dollar spaces designed by Philippe Starck,” Bolthouse said. He owns fifteen black sports cars, including a Porsche Carrera GT (“This is one of the fastest cars in the world. It does zero to sixty in 3.8 seconds”) and a Ferrari F430 (“This car you can probably get up to one-twenty in eight seconds”).A few years ago, Nazarian decided to call his company S. E., after his lawyers suggested that its previous name, Samyboy Entertainment, lacked gravitas, and in January he hired the French designer Philippe Starck to design restaurants, clubs, and hotels for him. should be “influential,” “technically savvy,” and convey a “lifestyle mentality”), and using Los Angeles as his base and test market, Nazarian hopes to become a sort of Terence Conran for the Juicy Couture set.Now, equipped with a list of guiding principles conceived by a branding guru he hired in July (S. Nazarian’s first collaboration with Starck, a Japanese restaurant called Katsuya, will open in Brentwood in early 2006.

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“We could relocate MTV Europe, Universal Music Europe, everything Europe.

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