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Facebook, Google, Microsoft, your bank, and other companies will send you a unique code to get into your account.

For guys like me, chat programs like AIM might seem ages away.

Sex Messenger is the next generation of this style of communication – but with a much more grown up feel.

Sex Messenger is a downloadable program that helps you find local singles in your area who are looking to hook up.

You might be sitting at work when you get a message from an old friend.

It's easy to get lulled into a sense of safety, especially when you're texting or messaging someone you think is your friend.The scammer said her chances of winning the modeling competition were ruined.However, she said, she could fix it with the scammed woman's email login credentials.The scammer, a man, told her she was "immoral." He had her photos and saw that she had nude images of herself.He saw pictures of her smoking and he could tell from her conversations that she was sexually active.

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